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Founded in 2011, Sayed Consultancy (based in the Netherlands and Afghanistan) offers a comprehensive approach of social issues. Together with people in practice we develop and provide social, cultural and economic related support. Our tailor-made services are available for groups and individuals and can be customized to meet specific professional needs.

Our mission is to contribute to the economic development by enhancing the added value of key potentials of young generation and newcomers, with the focus on (re)integration, business development and employment assistance. Our results are enhanced by our engagement with the society.

Based on local needs, the following online applications and platforms have been developed that are an integral part of the trainings and services and are available to target beneficiaries and partner organizations. These applications also makes it easy to log, track and monitor of activities and supports ease of communications between all parties.

Returnees and Status holders



Job seekers

My Resume Creator

My Resume Creator


My Company Catalog

My Company Catalog


Returnees from EU

Re-Integration Program for Afghan Returnees from Europe

Project Financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Development and execution of a five-month program that provided business development services to 35 Afghan returnees entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Germany, UK and Finland.

The program increased their entrepreneurial knowledge and capacities and as a result, they successfully started small businesses in Afghanistan.

Employment assistance

Employment Assistance Program

Project Financed by USAID/AWDP

111 beneficiaries have been supported in providing vocational and technical trainings. As a result, 76 of the total beneficiaries have found jobs through this program.

40 AVI graduated students have been supported in providing pre-deployment training (CV creation, Cover Letter Creation and Job Interview Trainings).

Business development

Business Development Program

Project Financed by USAID/AWDP

260 SMEs supported in business development and provided mid-career employment enhancement services in 6 major provinces of Afghanistan.

As a result, we increased the salaries of 260 mid-career employees by providing demand-based capacity development.


(Re)-Integration Assistance

The Sayed Consultancy helps newcomers to adjust to their new circumstances and offer them social, cultural and economic integration assistance. Therefore, it is essential to start by examining the background analysis of the newcomers, focus on their future perspective and will trigger the beneficiaries in finding their purpose and how to achieve this.

Sayed Consultancy also assist Afghan returnees from EU after their arrival to adjust to their new circumstances and offers them the best assistance for a new future in Afghanistan.

By preparing returnees thoroughly for a life in Afghanistan we avoid risks. They may get depressed and find solace in drugs, turn their backs to society and join an insurgent group, with damaging domestic or international consequences or they can try to head back to Europe.

Employment Assistance

In employment related support we focus on career development by zooming in on their knowledge, experience, strengths and interests. Once we find a certain strength, we focus on enhancing this strength.

If additional education is required, we support the beneficiary in enrolment. We also offer vocational training and can support related beneficiaries with vocational trainings from other institutions as well.

Due to our long and successful activities in the last years, we have a good network of large companies looking for new employees. We contact them and train returnees in the company’s specific requirements so they can apply for those jobs.

Business Development Assistance

The support for setting up a small business is a complete package for related beneficiaries to prepare them in a professional way and increase their chances of launching a successful business.

The beneficiaries indicate their wishes, needs and requirement to successfully start a business. Based on this, we prepare the required package. Assistant in business plan is an important part of the package. In a practical training beneficiaries learn to write/evaluate a business plan.

Corporate Branding Development is one of the most successful trainings of our company. In this training, we focus on designing a company name, logo, colors, business cards, flyer design, brochures, etc. It consists of a 24-day technical and practical training. Our designers work with each beneficiary to create a demand based corporate branding for each entrepreneur.

Target groups

Newcomers and returnees

Demand-based services for starting a new life

Newcomers: The Cohesion program has been specifically developed for newcomers in developing a better future in the Netherlands. The program will offer assistance and link the newcomers to potential required programs, entities and residents to experience the Dutch working and culture environment.

Returnees: Most returnees arrive after months or even years in a country that has changed considerably. In cases where they are expelled by an EU country their return in Afghanistan has a huge psychological impact. They feel hopeless and are in an internal struggle. In this time they don’t know what to do and where to start.

  • Sayed Consultancy helps returnees after their arrival to adjust to their new circumstances and offers them the best assistance for a new future in Afghanistan.
  • Experience tells us that by investing enough time upfront to identify returnee needs, build trust and find the right solution will allow us to create a realistic and achievable re-integration plan, one that makes the best use of resources available.

"If not supported properly, the returnees will find solace in drugs, joining an insurgent group or trying to return to Europe".


Returnees from EU

Young Professionals

Expanding opportunities in self-proficiency

Employment and entrepreneurship assistance of young Afghans are the principal source of economic growth leading to employment creation, economic activity and development. When jobs are scarce, especially young workers are generally more likely to become unemployed. Compared to adults, the youth of today are almost three times more likely to be unemployed.

  • Sayed Consultancy seeks to promote an entrepreneurial culture among young professionals and thereby provide an option of self-employment and thereby a sustainable income.
  • Sayed Consultancy offers pre-deployment assistance to young professionals and Afghan youth in preparing them for the current job market.

"By expanding opportunities in self-proficiency among young professionals, we invest in our future".


Young professionals

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Stimulating participation and economic empowerment

The role of women in economies has changed drastically throughout the world over the past century. By evolving and challenging traditional gender norms, women are able to contribute to their country’s overall well-being, particularly when maintaining jobs or viable businesses.

  • Sayed Consultancy works on enhancing economic opportunities for women by carrying out affirmative actions in support of women starting, formalizing and expanding their enterprises.
  • We bring women together with a clear objective to evolve towards gender equality and women's economic empowerment to build institutional capacity and provide a means for families and communities.

"Supporting female leads to economic empowerment of women and an entire country".


Women empowerment


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